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Arte y humanidades Libros y autores. Coconut fiber found here is thought to have been used as a drainage mechanism to supply the flood tunnels with the sea water necessary to flood the Money Pit. The flood tunnels reach the sea, just beyond the beach.

Joanna Atherton; used with permission.

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The original pit dug by Daniel McGinnis and friends is thought to be located a short distance behind this shaft, and this is where a great deal of excavation activity has taken place over the past years. Mad Davy Kidd; used with permission. The Oak Island swamp is thought by some to be artificial and part of the larger workings of the Pit.

Oak Island, in Nova Scotia, is famous for its Money Pit, a mystery that has endured two centuries, claimed six lives and swallowed up millions in life savings. The Pit was discovered in by a local boy named Daniel McGinnis who, spotting an unusual clearing in the earth under one of the island's oak trees, was prompted to start digging.

The discovery of layered planks, mysterious stone slabs, and mats made of coconut fibers descending deep into the ground turned his casual afternoon dig into an all-out excavation.

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Investors and thrill-seekers would eventually jump in and continue the work, kicking off one of the world's longest running treasure hunts. Complex trap What appears to be a complex flooding trap has thwarted efforts to reach the bottom of the Money Pit ever since. Some think the pit was purposely flooded with seawater, via a series of artificial swamps and tunnels, to hide its contents.

Through the murk, drill borings and shafts dug by the island's series of owners have detected what seem to be cement vaulting, wooden chests, and scraps of parchment paper.

Radiocarbon dating of these artifacts is consistent: Speculation about the contents of Oak Island's Money Pit range from the treasure of the Knight's Templar to Shakespeare's original manuscripts. Oak Island's current owners, Dan Blankenship and David Tobias, have worked on the island since the s, sinking millions of dollars into the project and revealing some intriguing clues of their own.

For many who follow Oak Island developments, their abandonment of the treasure comes as a surprise.