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Yahoo was officially incorporated on March 2nd, You can listen to Sequoias definicion yahoo dating full episodes at the bottom of this article. Yang was the outgoing, gregarious one of the two. Born in Taiwan, Yang moved with his family to California when he was ten.

Filo was born in Wisconsin, but was largely brought up in Louisiana. The two knew each other from their time at Stanford, but really bonded when they signed up for a brief teaching stint in Japan.

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The dissertation that the two were ostensibly working on in the Spring of involved design automation software, which was a hot area of research at the time. Yang and Filo shared side-by-side cubicles in a Stanford portable trailer, in lieu of official offices.

They had the place to themselves. Their dissertation advisor was on sabbatical so they were free to order pizza, goof around, and oh yeah, occasionally research. More often then not, one or both of them would end up sleeping in the trailer. Filo had discovered the Mosaic browser shortly after it was released, and this led the pair to an all-consuming obsession with the World Wide Web. In those days, it was still possible to visit every single website in existence in a Sequoias definicion yahoo dating of a few hours.

But new websites were popping up every day. So, in the hours when they should have been doing research, they were browsing the web instead, trying to find and catalog the new. Always a bit intellectually competitive, the two began collecting and trading links to the new websites they found. They started compiling these favorite links into a list, each trying to outdo the other by finding the coolest new site of the day.

This was right at the moment when Mosaic was lighting the fuse under the powder keg that was the early web. As the web grew that summer, things got a bit more complicated. Word of mouth spread news "Sequoias definicion yahoo dating" the list even further and soon complete strangers were emailing in suggestions of new sites to be included.

In order to keep things reasonably organized, Yang and Filo broke the list out into a hierarchical directory. In those days, there was no automation or algorithm. The pair began working on the directory to the exclusion of almost everything else.

For one brief shining moment,...

It was an all-consuming project, an obsession. They would toil away on Yahoo for dozens of hours at a stretch, trading off sleeping on the floor, only to go back to more searching and more indexing. Yahoo was Sequoias definicion yahoo dating perfect distraction. When their dissertation advisor returned from her European sabbatical, she was stunned to find that the messy trailer was the headquarters of a world famous Internet phenomenon.

By SeptemberYang and Filo had compiled a directory of more than 2, sites. What had started as a hobby now became a full time project.

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