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Ex dating someone else immediately crossword


As Shirley Ellis so infectiously sanglet's get down to the real nitty-gritty. While you never know what you're going to get in a cryptic clue, the majority use one of half a dozen or so tricks to disguise their intent.

This is the first in a series of little portraits of those tricks. The idea is that newcomers can equip themselves - think Arnie tooling up in Commando, but with anagrams and soundalikes in place of grenades and rocket launchers - while aficionados can enjoy some prime examples of the art of setting. We start with hidden answers, because they're my favourite device and because they're entertaining and easy to get your head round.

The name's not important, by the way; I don't look at a clue and say "Oh, look - a reverse hidden". But we need a name for the moment. In the examples that follow, the answer is hidden in the clue itself. You as the solver have got the answer literally typed out in front of you, and your job is merely to write the same letters in the same order into the grid.

And so the pleasure for setter and solver lies in how it's hidden. It's there, in plain sight, but like a bloke in a hi-vis jacketyou just don't notice it unless you're looking.

The clue will probably have the "Ex dating someone else immediately crossword" three elements: Here's a letter example from the Times Jumbo:. The setter is trying to make you think about boxing, but the giveaway is the phrase "As seen in".

Extra cunning points for using "miserably", which tempts the solver to think of it as an indicator of an anagram.

If someone moves on too...

And that's how hidden answers roll. It would save time if the indicator were always "as seen in", or, better still, "hidden inside the phrase preceding or following".

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