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Sexual jokes about working out


Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Dirty jokes thread I'll start. What is the difference between a clever midget and an STD? Few things are set in stone, except that you have to squat or you are a pussy. IN Why does it take Sexual jokes about working out woman so long to piss in the morning? You ever tried to pull apart grilled cheese? Dad and son are out fishing. What about after sex?

Have you ever seen a bulldog eating mayonnaise? A husband comes home to find his wife with her suitcases packed in the living room. Whats the difference between love and herpes? There is no spoon. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: For I am the baddest man in the valley. We all only have today and right now, but without death being pressed upon us we hide behind our false pretense of immortality.

If water is in a Watermelon, then what is in a Cucumber? Posted this before i Sexual jokes about working out the other jokes.

You guys are nasty fukcers. A guy walks into a bar, sits down and orders a drink. How much money is in there? And it is a difficult bet but I can't tell you what the bet consists of until you put your money in. First, you see that big motherf cker over by the pool table? You've gotta knock him out with one punch.

What's the second part? Every year that tooth gets nastier and nastier, and every year that rottweiler gets meaner and meaner.

On 07/06/ at PM, Jimmy...

You've Sexual jokes about working out pull out that abscess tooth. I'm scared to ask what the third part is The ugliest woman he's ever seen. And she hasn't had an orgasm in 10 years! As thinks everything over he starts taking shot after shot to build up his liquid courage. Then he jumps up and says, "What's the first part again? Knocks the guy out with one punch. Time goes by and the bartender is starting to get worried. He starts walking toward the back door to make sure the guy isn't dead.

Just then, the guy walks through the door, clothes torn to shreds, bleeding all over the place. Originally Posted by bunkmoreland. After finishing with the breasts and thighs, you have a greasy box to stuff your bone.

The Friday Cover

A man and a woman were waiting at the hospital donation center. I'm here to donate sperm, myself. A couple months later, the same man and woman meet again in the donation center. Here to donate blood again? Jason nojasondb walks into a restroom in an airport and goes up to a urinal. A man with no arms comes up to him and says "Hey, can you give me a hand?