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Vitaminas para estimular el apetito sexual orientation

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Juan Carlos Sierra Freire Dr. Pablo Santos Iglesias Granada, Juan Carlos Sierra Freire y Dr. Granada a 1 de julio de Fdo. Juan Carlos Sierra Freire Fdo. Pablo Santos Iglesias Fdo.

A mis directores, Dr. Sexual satisfaction in a heterosexual and homosexual Spanish sample: Sexual satisfaction in Spanish heterosexual couples: Los principales objetivos de la Tesis Doctoral fueron los siguientes: Despite its importance, in Spain there is little research focused on the study of sexual satisfaction and on the analysis of associated factors.

Moreover, the few studies evidence contradictory results due to the lack of appropriate assessment tools and the lack of a solid theoretical conceptualization. In order to overcome the limitations related to the evaluation and research, and with the purpose of increasing the knowledge of sexual satisfaction we conducted the present Doctoral Dissertation. The main goals of the Doctoral Dissertation were the following: For the first goal we performed a systematic review of previous research studies in which sexual satisfaction was the dependent variable.

The literature Vitaminas para estimular el apetito sexual orientation was conducted employing search platforms EBSCOhost and ProQuestbecause they incorporate numerous databases of different thematic areas, and main electronic databases of Psychology, Medicine and Social Sciences. We selected articles and from each of them the following information was extracted: The variables associated with sexual satisfaction were organized according to the levels proposed by the Ecological Theory of human development Bronfenbrenner, The Vitaminas para estimular el apetito sexual orientation show the importance of sexual satisfaction, as it is associated with various indicators of sexual health and general wellbeing.

In addition, this review yielded information on some limitations of "Vitaminas para estimular el apetito sexual orientation" research such as the shortage of studies in Spain, problems in the evaluation of sexual satisfaction and the lack of studies based on consolidated sexual satisfaction theories. Therefore, this systematic review served as a starting point for establishing the remaining objectives of the studies that comprise this Doctoral Dissertation. In order to examine the psychometric properties of IEMSSQ we evaluated a sample, recruited using a convenience sampling procedure, of men and women, aged ranging from 18 to 67 years old.

All participants maintained a heterosexual relationship of at least six months with sexual activity. Participants completed a background questionnaire, the Spanish translation of the Interpersonal Exchange Model of Sexual Satisfaction Questionnaire and the Spanish adaptation of the following instruments: In addition, both measures 9. The test-retest reliability taken four to six weeks after was also good for all measures of the questionnaire, except for the components of equality that was moderate.