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The book light of asia describes the life of


The Light Of Asia.

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Long answer type questions: Account for the mental restlessness of the prince in the midst of the pleasures and luxuries of the palace. Only book third is in the course.


"The book light of asia describes the life of" It is an Epic on the life of Lord Buddha. Prince Siddhartha was the only Son of King Suddhodan. He lived happily with his beautiful wife Yashodhara in his palace. There was peace, love, music, dancing all around him. He did not know anything about want, pain and death. But sometimes his peace of mind was disturbed in his sleep.

He felt that the world was calling him for help. To please him, she asked the musicians to play on the veena. One day veena was lying on the window sill. When the wind passed through strings, a strange music was produced. Those who were there, heard the music only. But the prince heard that God was playing on veena. They told him that world was full of sorrow and pain.

It The book light of asia describes the life of waiting for his love and sacrifices. His joys in the palace were only shadow. So he must leave it at once for the good of people. One day his maid servant Chitra told him a tale of olden days. It was about love, magic horse and wonderful countries.

He was deeply affected by it. He felt a great desire to visit the world outside his palace gates. Prince Siddhartha was the only son of king Suddhodana.

Once he decided to visit the city outside the palace gates. At this the city was decorated beautifully. The prince saw many things but he also saw an old man. Seeing the old man the prince was moved to pity. He could not sleep in the night. He was very restless.

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That night the king saw a dream. He saw seven visions in it. He wanted to know the meaning of these seven visions. But no one could tell him. At last a hermit came to king palace and told him the hidden meaning of the visions in the following way. The first vision of the king showed that the old faiths would end and a new faith would begin.

The ten huge elephants: The ten huge elephants were the The book light of asia describes the life of great gifts of wisdom. With them the prince would leave the palace to teach the people, the way of truth.

The four horses of chariot stood for four fearless virtues. With them the prince would get knowledge. It is the symbol of perfect law. The prince would turned to the wheel and show the true law to the world. In this vision the prince was beating a drum. It means that the voice of the prince would rise like the sound of drum and reach every corner of the world.

In it the prince was throwing jewels from a tall tower. It means that the prince would spread the principles of the Buddha. The whole world would accept and follow them. In this vision there were six men weeping with shut mouths.

The hermit said that the six men were the six chief teachers. The prince would show them knowledge and truth.

Thus the hermit explained the real meaning of seven visions. He said that the prince would be a great hermit.

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He would be greater than a king. He lived happily in his palace. He was married to a beautiful princess Yashodhara. He did not know about pain, old age, death or disease.

He is the hero of the poem.

All the story moves around him. He has a divine soul. The main qualities of his character are given below. A life of comfort and luxury: Prince Siddhartha lived a life of pleasures in his happy home. His life was peaceful and joyful in the company of his young wife Yashodhara. He was a very lucky person too. His father gave him all kinds of comforts in the place. He wanted to see him happy all time. A man of Destiny: The prince was godly. His destiny called him. In his sleep he felt that the world was calling him.

He heard the massage of devas nasoxk;u on the veena. He was born to save the man kind. And than The book light of asia describes the life of removed the pain of people in the world. The prince lived in an unreal world.

So he wanted to see it. One day he went to see the city with channa. He visited the city two times. Now he know about sickness, death and old age. Mine eyes have seen enough. After this he left the place for the good of people. A Kind Hearted Man: His heart was full of love and pity for everyone. He could not see tears in the eyes of yashodhara.

He smiled and asked musicians to play on the veena. When he saw a sick man.

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