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Variate definition statistics of sexual immorality


Pew Research released a survey on the Global Views on Moralityasking adults in each of several countries whether the following activities were morally unacceptable: This is a good opportunity to see how Sexual Immorality and Birth Rate might tie together, possibly moderated by religion. I Variate definition statistics of sexual immorality average Sexual Immorality as one minus the simple sum of the answers to the six sexuality questions, all divided by six.

Higher numbers meant cultures in which it was more likely to find sexual immoral adults. There is some error in this, probably to the extent that the best we could do is to approximate Sexual Immorality to only the nearest decimal point. Everything I show are also only crude correlations; causal connections, while plausible in the direction indicated by the correlations, are almost certainly weaker than the correlations.

Each Variate definition statistics of sexual immorality the six individual items correlated to Birth Rate in the way you would imagine: Acceptance of Homosexuality and Abortion had the tightest correlations, i. All highly sexually immoral countries Sexual Immorality 0. All but one country with low Sexual Immorality less than 0. The United States had a birth rate of 2. France leads the bottom and Pakistan takes top honors.

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Even a glance at the table suggests religion, particularly the difference between Christian and Muslim religions, might have something to do with explaining the ranks. The data available is admittedly crude and only measures affiliation and not intensity.

These next two plots show the fractions of Christian and Muslim and Sexual Immortality. Take your time with these plots. Notice that within majority Christian nations, increasing Christianity is associated with lower Sexual Immortality.

But then France was the birth place of the Revolution against human nature. Germany is close behind. The second plot shows that all countries with majority Muslim populations have low Sexual Immorality. And of course not all of these live by strict Sharia law. The last remains to make predictions. If these correlations are a guide, the less religious a country becomes the more sexual immoral it will be. It is not clear which drives which; probably both drive each other.

And the more sexual immoral a culture is, the fewer babies it will produce. The influence of religion on Sexual Immorality is now very clear.

Feelings run high when you tell some people certain behaviors are immoral. Some people on Twitter became apoplectic at the very suggestion. But this does not imply these causal connections are impossible. As I said to Chinahand in the comments, if you express support for homosexuality and act in Variate definition statistics of sexual immorality fashion, you will not reproduce. If you express support for abortion and have one, you will kill your offspring and not increase the birth rate.

I do not imagine statistics...

If you express support for contraception and use it, then you will lower the birth rate. If you express support for extramarital affairs and have one, you will have less time for your own family and consequently increase your chance for disease and so forth, all of which tends to lower the birth rate. Anything that interferes with human mating will necessarily lower the birth rate. Knowing the year Martin Luther King was killed, or the atomic weight of iodine, or how to read a financial statement does not interfere with human mating.

But it is the contraception itself that lowers the birth rate, not the knowledge of it. Money cannot lower the birth rate.

Higher or lower GDPs cannot lower the birth rate. But education, as shown, cannot lower the birth rate. The bias inhibited in the suggestions money or education could lower birth rates is also surprising: This is false, as is I hope now obvious. As I admitted, more than once, the attitudes on sexuality are only correlated with birth rates, but it is surely more than plausible that at least some persons expressing positive support for abortion, contraception, etc.

If they do, the birth rate goes south. War is another cause, indirectly: Again, lack of opportunity is not plausible in Western countries.

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