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Gajendra ahire wife sexual dysfunction


Marathi Year of Release: Indian Panorama Screening on: November 27, at 9.

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On a late night Mumbai local train, teenager Chini Mugdha Chaphekar witnesses a woman being sexually abused, in turn forcing her to face up to the demons from her past. Based on a true story, the film revolves around a little girl Chini Vedashree Mahajan growing up in poverty with her father Raghubir Yadav in a rural area.

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The financially well off uncle has his own problems as he cannot produce children, and holds his wife Anjali Patil Gajendra ahire wife sexual dysfunction for the same. He has a streak of sadism running in him, and also takes undue advantage of the women labourers, working in his godown.

A no-nonsense woman, she lodges a complaint of rape against her uncle. The father, who demands an explanation from the uncle, is mercilessly beaten up.

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The law fails to punish the uncle as his wife gives a statement that Chini was in her custody the entire time that she had visited them, and no one had molested her. Refusing to let Chini stay with her father, the elder sister takes her to Mumbai for further education. On the other hand, the uncles wife conceives from an extra-marital relationship, and kills her husband when he learns about the same.

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She is sentenced to a jail term for the crime. Teenager Chini, still under the grip of that violent experience, decides to help the woman, who was sexually abused on the train.

She agrees to identify the Gajendra ahire wife sexual dysfunction for the police thus breaking her long silence. Ahire, known for handling diverse subjects, handles a topic that has long since been a taboo for society, with extreme sensitivity. The films short duration allows the production not to drift away unnecessarily. Nagraj Manjule as the uncle and Raghubir Yadav as the cotton candy selling father are apt in their roles.

The actresses playing various characters in the film however are simply brilliant, especially Vedashree Mahajan and Mugdha Chaphekar playing the small and the elder Chini, respectively. The cinematography by Krisnha Soren is eye pleasing and captures some very beautiful images in a rural setting, reflecting the liveliness of the child before the tragedy.

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Designed by Vijayanand Naik http: National Film Award-winner, Gajendra Ahire is one of the most noted filmmakers of Marathi cinema. The director and writer, who has also contributed to the.

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