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Merry cherry dating scam


Bookmark this New related comments Number of comments in the last 48 hours Various dating scammers 3 new comments. Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers. Please notify me once a day about new comments on this topic.

Please provide a valid email address if you select this option, or post under a registered account. Show city and country Show country only Hide my location You can mark text as 'quoted' by putting Merry cherry dating scam. Please type in the code: Please do not post inappropriate pictures.

Inappropriate pictures include pictures of minors and nudity. The owner of this web site reserves the right to delete such material. Send a message to Subject. Hi guys I've been writing to this lady for the past few months and decided to have her checked out by Wymoo International. It cost some money but it is worth it. Date of birth 5 may No person by this name was born in Russia on that date. The address does not exist. There are no records of any such person This is another Scammer. I Merry cherry dating scam not send her anything so I have not lost anything.

I add a picture of her for everyone to see. This girl is the bomb no matter how i try to ignore her she always makes it a point of duty to write me,why try to scam a Jamaican hell we are one of the hardest people on the earth to be scammed,as we live in a scam world every single day,politicians,our own brothers try to scam us,so no bitch can try to scam us with their good looks,weve already got it here,and shes got a whole bunch of pictures too,and heres one of her letters seem familar Keywords: Hello my love the Prince!!!

I am very glad to see your letter. Prince, I have good news to you.

Hi to all guys, I...

I spoke to you that I will go and I learn that to me would be necessary for that what to arrive to you. Here I descended and have learnt that is necessary for me. Prince, I in a city have a Travel agency. In Travel agency are engaged, registration of the important documents. Prince, I have asked in travel agency that I would need to make for this purpose what to arrive to you. Me have "Merry cherry dating scam" there is at me a passport for travel abroad, I have told that was not present.

To me would tell that for this purpose what to go in what or the country is necessary the Passport for travel abroad, and the Tourist visa. But I do not have it! Prince, they have told that I need to make these papers. Prince, but me have told that registration of the tourist visa, the passport for travel abroad there are euros.

Merry cherry dating scam, I have been very surprised, it so is expensive to me. Prince, but I do not have euros, now I in a trap I do not know that to me to do where to me to go at whom to me to ask the help?

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At me very big problems! Prince, what to me to do? Where to me to go?

Don't stand aside, help us...

Where to me to address for the help? Prince, at me the salary very small, In a month I receive euros. What to me now to do? I at all do not know now "Merry cherry dating scam" I can arrive to you!? To me have told that these documents are necessary necessarily! To me have told that without the tourist visa, and the passport for travel abroad I not where I can not go.

But I need euros! I do not have euros! What to me to do? I ask you Prince, help me a problem Merry cherry dating scam official registration of papers. Prince, but they have given me the cut-away of Travel agency, they have told that if questions that on this Mail are to address still: I like you Prince.

Very strong gently whole you. I with impatience wait from you for the answer your liking Ekaterina. Content-Transfer-Encodinding; This image was also posted here: Hi Guys Has any one had any experience with international dating site Merry-Cherry?

Any comments will be appreciated. Check her e-mail header or post it hereand you will know soon enough. Run the last IP address from the last line of 'received' through a link below and see if her computer is in the same city as 'she' says she is.

Personally, she looks like a scammer to me, from what I know REAL russian girls are more respectable and don't post pics of themselves like this so easily. Might want to read the primer for newbies also, it has many handy pieces of advice to detect scammers! I hope, you are pleasantly surprised, to receive this my letter?!?

Merry cherry dating site

I am for the first time. I was registered on this site with intentions to get serious relations with the man. If you also are interested by such relations then I will be glad to find out you better. Probably, I that girl in which searches there is you?!? Write me the letter if I have interested you, ok?. I with impatience will wait for your answer What e-mail address is she using? She is a "Merry cherry dating scam" Dirk from Heerlen, Merry cherry dating scam. On Merry-Cherry Some of you might have seen spam 'I'm a lonely girl The past wave, which also had 'best' and 'dating' as URL in the spam,ends up at a 'new' and Google does not know about this with spam merry-cherry.

As usual I sign up with spamgourmet addresses there assuming Confirmed-Opt-In will fail with this spammer which I create with parts of the formerly advertised URL. So I can see where it came from.

What I not yet know is if merry-cherry and uadreams might be the same spammer. Interesting always that the first mail after also signing up at merry-cherry is that they confirm the staff has checked my profile, where I did not add any information besides email addresses and the name 'Test Account' and approved it. It's all fully automated. Perfect to run joe jobs against the spammers to get them listed.

That they don't get mails out for those you really signed up there to use and may be pay their 'service'. Your comments about merry cherry are correct.

My profile there has also been aproved by their staff,but they had no information ,well almost none ,to check me out on. The picture of the lady posted ,Well she has contacted me, sent me a wink and mail which I have not opened or read. It is actually a very expensive site to chat on. Hi Dirk, I was wondering about something that may be simple to you. This is fore Merry cherry dating scam. Just to show how arrogant they are?

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