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Sexy mother nature costumes


I did that recently and clicked the first link, which was for Party City. I then went to "Bug, Animal Costumes" since if I was going to buy a Halloween ensemble it would probably be an animal of some kind. I wouldn't wear any of those costumes maybe the "cozy bat"but only with a pair of pants or a skirt.

I'm not a particularly modest person — I wear a bikini while swimming, short-shorts when I'm trail running because they're more comfortable and I've spent time in clothing-optional locales beaches in Australia, hot springs in California. I just don't want to bare it all on Halloween, which is not exactly the warmest time of year.

I also don't want to wear something skintight when I'm going to be eating and drinking all night. I mean, there's even a sexy "Pizza Rat" costume out there, not to mention sexy Donald Trump and even sexy remote control.

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He'll love to turn you on with the push of a button. And the trend is trickling down.

Plenty of parents have noticed that sexy Halloween costumes are now available for little girls, too. One mother wrote of shopping with her tween: There wasn't much choice for a young lady who's beyond fairy princesses, but not quite ready for 'sexy sorceress. When I was that age, I dressed up as a witch, a fortune-teller and a mixed animal with parts and colors from all different creatures.

What's the alternative to the sexy costume?

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Well, there are non-sexy versions of your classic Halloween costumes, of course — Raggedy Ann, Bad Witch, Good Witch and Black Cat are all easy to make at home and don't require you to bare it all. And hey, if you do want to go half-naked to a Halloween party, enjoy and have fun; that's just not my thing.

Or you can get creative if you don't like what's for sale, and isn't that always the Sexy mother nature costumes solution? I like to opt for weird costumes that require explanation, because that's fun to do at a party.

It gets a conversation going at the beginning when people are looking for something to chat about. In case you're looking for non-sexy costume ideas, I'm here for you.

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These are Halloween costumes that I have worn in previous years that don't require much in the way of buying specialized stuff you'll never wear again, are comfortable and will definitely give you a good answer to the inevitable Halloween question: My 'ice crystal' and 'native Hawaiian plants' costumes from previous years.

I didn't buy anything for the ice costume.

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I did buy the vintage dress for the Hawaiian one, but I wear it often for formal events. Rival Mother Nature in this two-piece Sexy Ivy Maiden costume featuring a metallic green strapless romper with swirling ivy leaf appliques and a matching mask.

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