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Meek mill brings ourtime dating


Congratulations to rappers Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill on their future divorce! The odd couple, who met after Meek pranced out of prison 2 months ago, are engaged to be married, according to TheShadeRoom. Nicki showed off her dazzling, diamond encrusted engagement ring on her social media accounts. So how does a broke rapper afford a Meek mill brings ourtime dating like that? This is where I usually bring up the effects that Dopamine has on love addicted women like Nicki.

You can click here to see why women like Nicki and Rihanna rush into marriages with men like Meek and Chris Brown. Welp we all had that one we went toooooo far with. I dont think thats any engagement ring butterum. FIYA I did mine online yesterday talk about late smh at myself. To my defense it goes straight to my tiaa account for my senior yrs lol.

Nikki so pretty that she makes Meek look ugly in comparison. Zeta if you in here…My son calls and said he has bittersweet news. Last year was glorious, I sold off some business assets at a loss. Getting a little chump change back. Just putting it in the Disneyland Paris fund. To my defense it goes straight to my tiaa account for my senior yrs lol ————. Did mine online yesterday. It will go in my IRA account to fund my golden years. The ring may not be an engagement rang.

I remember when I used to get a refund. One year I got so much back I thought I must have done something wrong Now I thank God for my accountant, dude does a great job minimizing my tax debt and keeping me apprised plus I stay involved so no one gets over on me so I know Meek mill brings ourtime dating I owe.

This relationship…idk…I said yesterday something about this seems off to me. Point a hole straight through ya twat! But will they make it down the aisle? Ion like the ring, but hey Gone head young people!

SON and User, constantly save a bit here and there, live below your means We is gonna be some sharB ole ladies. Her mom comes before GOD so that ship was "Meek mill brings ourtime dating" titanic from the jump. They want to be fetch as a couple. Notice how they always take it to social media even to post their private conversations.

To prove to folks they real Cracks me up. Every relationship is different but you can tell when something if off. Even Kim and Kanye tried to ease into the overkill. That man was like ok. I fukking owe this year. I did them on multiple tax sites just to make sure it was coming back right Sent them bishes an IOU.

NY state didnt offer it in so i had a plan in another still then rolled it over when NY got up on it. How old are ur kids? When my son was 8 i got life insurance with a 10 year maturity date for cash value for when he goes to school at I refuse to let him get grape jellied by Sallie Mae with her stank poosie hoe ass. This will be the last yrs I work for anyone.

UF I dig you on this. Sallie Mae is a stank hoe who will haunt you in your dreams.

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