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Who is the singer mario dating girl


It's been four years since Mario has released a new album and now he's ready to make an impact on the charts once again with his upcoming project, inspired by the last few years of his life. Back inthings got kind of crazy for Mario after he hooked up with his manager's ex-girlfriend Dez who was also best friends with Amber Rose at the timeand the two carried out a very public relationship that lasted a few months, before going their separate ways.

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In a recent interview with Cocoa FabMario described the relationship as a 'Fatal Distraction' while revealing that it was inspiration for his upcoming album, due out later this year. This album is a bit darker but they are still love songs.

The record is about wanting something so bad and not being able to have it the way you want it and having that be a distraction to you. So it was a really bad situation. And that sort of influenced this song a little bit. At the time it was off limits.

With a song on his...

We knew each other for a long time and that influenced me. It was fatal distraction. Every cause has an effect. My theory is that it takes two people to be in love and being in love is an agreement that you both make.

Not just sexual or intimate relationships because that naturally happens, but relationships that are beneficial to growth, emotionally and spiritually and physically.

I like having cool chicks around me. My perception of women has changed over the past three years.

Because of the way I grew up, my perception of women was distorted and I think as a young man of color sometimes your upbringing can distort your view of women and you have to work to correct that. Being 26 now, I see life in a different way. Read the full interview over at Cocoa Fab. What is BlackGirlMagic exactly? Well, you just might find Lindsay Peoples Wagner 's photo next to the definition.

Navigating the holidays can be tricky when you start dating someone new. You're either faced with spending the holidays separately — each of you enjoying time with your own families — or spending time with each other's family.

Depending on how serious your new relationship is, your partner may convince you to do the latter: After college, I had the 'Becoming A Workforce Drone' Starter Pack equipped with a leather portfolio, a silver business card holder, and a "Who is the singer mario dating girl" of boring blazers and statement necklaces. Dear female college graduates of the melanin persuasion, we are so proud of you. Thanks to the increasing awareness of health and wellness in the Black community, Black people, particularly Black women, are finally reclaiming their time by investing in holistic and self-care practices to ensure long, healthy and fulfilling lives.

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It's been four years since...

Sign up today and be the first to get notified on new updates, exclusive events, retreats and giveaways! All Wisdom Isn't Wise: Baltimore-bred singer Mario burst onto the early s scene with his breakout remake “Just A Friend,” an ear-pleasing R&B rendition of Biz. The singer, real name Mario Dewar Barrett, is accused by his mum Shawntia R&B star Mario has been arrested for allegedly attacking his mother and.

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