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Scuba tank hook up


Further Scuba tank hook-up information. After reading brandvik's article on running the AirGraver from a scuba tank, I decided because of the portability that was for me, I had problems sourcing the items he listed so did it in a similar but simpler way, the items I used were; 1.

I haven't used Steve Lindsay's regulator in the picture as it is fitted to my workshop wall. Hi Andy, What a nice simple setup. Have you figured out how long of time the scuba tank will last between refills? Thanks I'll be goin to the local dive shop this next week.

Will get prices for setup shown. Let ya know the results when I get things working Will be useing them for demos at the Clinton Library in Sept PS; I bought all new, I think most dive stores have Scuba tank hook up used department so it could cost a lot less.

Scuba tank hook up -...

One minor addendum - you don't really need anything fancy on the reg first stage; pretty much any reg will do for this if it's not going to get in-water use. Where can I get that 2nd stage regulator?

Is that a Lindsay product? Does Lindsay sell one? I'll need Scuba tank hook up for foot pedal control It has a way of using scuba tanks to refill Carbon Fiber tanks used in Paintball guns. This way you don't need to find a primary regulator to reduce the pressure down to psi where the regulator for the CO2 tanks can handle it.

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