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Best sex ever love lessons


This is a list of things that quite a few men do not know about having sex with women.

"The Best Sex Ever" Love...

To enjoy a better sex life with your partner, you need to understand all there is about pleasing your woman and what she needs from you. Because a bumhole cannot have a sexual orientation.

In fact, no body part has a sexual orientation. Stop with the fear, try something if it appeals to you, and stop freaking out if a girl lightly touches that area and you think you might like it. You might want to check. Here is how sex makes you a better man.

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Orgasms will not happen every time, because women are not machines with an orgasm button you can push every time. All the non-orgasm moments of sex can feel pretty incredible too.

Use toys, go down on her, whatever works. Never leave her high and drive. Respond to what she is doing and saying in the moment. Stop wasting your time worrying about the size of your dick and questioning whether your sex buddy wishes you were bigger.

If she feels like complimenting your peen, she will. Slamming into her cervix might feel great for you, but it can really hurt her. Bonus points if you offer to do it for her, though. Do not stop, or get overexcited and go harder or faster. Keep going exactly as you were. She is a creative writer, music lover, and "Best sex ever love lessons" borderline-obsessed Harry Potter fan.

When she isn't working on her first bestseller fingers-crossed she is chasing around her two rambunctious kids.

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